Master in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense


Course Description


I.-UNIT 1: Introduction to cybersecurity, origins and necessity before the technology of the XXI century.
1.1. Origins and evolution of the concept of cybersecurity.
1.2. Cybersecurity in the Security Strategy of the States.
1.3. Cyberwar: a new concept of war with new confrontations and damages.
1.4. Requirements and adaptations in computer systems and the Internet.

II.-UNIT 2: Legislative changes (new subjects and new cybercriminal figures) that affect the new technologies sector in Spain: Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law and LOPJ.
2.1. New penal code and the figures that affect the new technologies.
2.2. Criminal Procedure Law. Present and future.
2.3. Changes that affect security in terms of Intellectual and Industrial Property.
2.4. Organic law of judicial power. Evidence obtained in good faith I.

III.-UNIT 3: Chain of custody protocol in expert practice: technical, criminal and civil aspects. 3.1. Definition and technical-computer and legal treatment of the chain of custody.
3.2. Organic law of judicial power. Evidence obtained in good faith II.
3.3. The digital proof against the current regulations in force
3.4. Methodology and guarantees of the chain of custody
3.5. Chain of custody diagram. Phases
3.6. Elements that make up the chain of custody protocol
3.7. Procedures for the Seizure of computer or electronic equipment.

IV.-UNIT 4: Cyberspace as a new space for confrontation: complexity of conciliation with jurisdiction and competence.
4.1. Delimitation and determination of the scenarios where cyberattacks take place.
4.2. Concepts related to cybercriminals and cyberterrorists. Differentiation of concepts
4.3. Active and passive subjects in cyberspace: cyber-aggressors and cyber victims

V.-UNIT 5: New technical-expert investigation tools.
5.1. Autopsy forensic software
5.2. Preparation of the medium for forensic analysis 5.3. Clone the medium
5.4. Analysis proposal
5.5. Recommended tools and materials for forensic practice

VI.-UNIT 6: Cyberwar, Industrial and intellectual cyberpionage. Copyright Affected.
6.1. Military and Telecommunications Situation in relation to cybersecurity.
6.2. Industrial and Intellectual Cyber ​​espionage. Forensic and legal treatment.
6.3. The Rights affected by the new reality of technological illicit.

VII.-UNIT 7: Cyberfigures and Cyberattacks in the EU, USA and Asia. Interactive map of international cyber attacks
7.1. Treatment of computer and legal cybersecurity in Europe.
7.2. Treatment of computer and legal cybersecurity in the USA.
7.3. Treatment of computer and legal cybersecurity in Asia.

VIII.-UNIT 8: Proposals for a common international regulation. Compatible organisms. Competences to be reconciled.
8.1. Treaties and agreements on cybersecurity.
8.2. Technological and legal proposals in the face of the new reality of illicit on the net.
8.3. The UN as the body responsible for international peace and security.



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