Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Course Description

The evaluation of the course is continuous through participation in the forum. In addition, there will be a scoring and compulsory test, which will consist of an objective test of knowledge by multiple choice exam that is carried out online with a self-registration function, keeping the highest grade of two attempts. This test of 20 multiple choice questions with three options of which only one is valid, all of them with the possibility of establishing feedback based on the successes and errors. It is also carried out online, through the “homework” tool, which is self-registered for subsequent evaluation and scoring by the tutor, with text editing to make observations.

To pass the course it will be necessary to obtain, at least, a 5 in this test. There will be two opportunities to take the test, and the system will record the highest grade obtained, without it being necessary to take the second if the first has already been passed.

Participative online classes, through exchange forums and chat sessions for assistance and consultations.

Tasks that are answered online and are recorded for later evaluation by the tutor.

Permanent email with the teaching staff.

The content blocks are released at the rate of one topic for every four or five days, so that the topic or block that is released remains open indefinitely until the end of the course, and is announced on a calendar that is installed in the classroom for better control by the students. The release periodicity of the blocks depends on the extension and content of the topic.

Access to the e-learning Platform with username and password. Files in pdf format containing the manual, divided into topics according to the program, as well as other pdf and Word files with other materials.

Documents of interest for the course are provided (judgments, FGE instructions, doctrinal documents …) and occasionally external links to the platform with direct connections to explanatory videos, press releases or official bulletins.

Evaluation system

The evaluation of the subject program includes the evaluation of the teaching and the teaching practice of the teachers, and will be carried out by the response of the students to one or more questionnaires that must evaluate the design of the program, its development and the results of the application same.

Module I: Coordination and Emergency Centers (I)
Module II: Coordination and Emergency Centers (II)
Module III: Terrorism
Module IV: Bioterrorism
Module V: Territorial Civil Protection Plans
Module VI: Special Civil Protection Plans
Module VII: Urban fires
Module VIII: Dangerous goods

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